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                Company Products Equipment Recruitment Contact Feedback Chinese
                        Shaoguan Tai Ming die-casting Co.,LTD was founded in March 2000, is currently the only specialized r&d and production of various series motor aluminum housing. Company has been focused on the continuous innovation and perfect products,strives for the survival by the quality,credibility win trust,build highquality motor for the motor enterprises. Our leading products Y2 series aluminium shell of fixed feet,Y2 series aluminium shell of feet mounted YX3 series aluminium shell,Fractional horsepower series aluminium shell. The range of specification from 63-132, and the whole sets including frame,DE end-shield,NED end-shield,B5 flange,B14 end-shield,Terminal box. Customers can choose the arrangements on requirements(B3,B5,B14,B34,B35).
                       Our company specializes in die-casting,development of rpoducts,design of die.We service our customers in line according to our customers' requirements. Also our company re gangdong hi-tech enterprises.
                  DE end-shield(G)
                  NED end-shield(G)
                  B5 Flange(G)
                  B14 end-shield(G)
                  Terminal box(G)
                  B5 Flange(H)
                  B14 end-shield(H)
                  B14B end-shield
                  Terminal box(H)
                  DE end - shield(F)
                  NED end - shield
                  B5 Flange
                  B14 end - shield
                  B5 Flange(YX3)
                  B14 end-shield(YX3)

                ADDRESS: No.3 Muxi Rd,Muxi Industrial
                TEL: 0751-8855836 8855568
                FAX: 0751-8855826
                E-mail: sgtaiming6@163.com
                POST CODE: 512026

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                Address: No.3 Muxi Rd,Muxi Industrial Park,Shaoguan,Guangdong